Myra Vineyards was founded by ex-banker, fine food and beverage enthusiast,Ajay Shetty. Operating with its founder's belief that 'Wine is all heart'. Myra has created wines that are at once sophisticated and accessible wines that appeal to the connoisseur without intimidating the novice.

Headquartered in Bangalore, Myra's wines are infused with a passion for viticulture, from its vineyards emerge specialised and stylised wines both in regular and vintage modes- fine wines that are crafted to demystify the wine-drinking experience.

The Myra Vineyards team includes Chief Advisor and Wine Consultant, Nikhil Agarwal- a veteran sommelier with over a decade's worth of international experience in the industry, and Winemaker, Rajesh Rasal- who has ten years of experience in winemaking as an art form, and considers the vineyards his muse, and his home.

Myra Vineyards' portfolio currently includes Sauvignon Blanc- winner of the bronze medal at the Wine Consumer's Choice Awards (IWCCA) 2014 and the winner of commendable wine at Decanter Asia Awards 2014, Chenin Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon and the Shiraz- its most popular wine, and also an IWCCA winner in 2012 in the Non-Reserve Shiraz category and the commendable wine winner at the International Wine Challenge, London, Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon and the Reserve Shiraz -Winner of the silver Medal at the Hong Kong Wine and Spirits Competition 2014 and winner of the bronze medal at Decanter Asia awards 2014.

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